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Our team of security experts has decades of combined experience serving in various U.S. government organizations, including the FBI, CIA, and Department of Defense. Many are former military and certified SWAT operators and have protected high-profile officials both domestically and internationally. This private security team is highly qualified in safety, security, and protection, and support the international network of agents committed to QS Security Services.

jack vanderstoep

Senior Vice President

Before becoming vice president of global security at NetJets and senior vice president of QS Security Services, Jack was a certified SWAT operator and spent more than 20 years with the FBI working on counterterrorism efforts and undercover operations. He was the lead agent for the first successfully prosecuted terrorism case post-9/11 and was assigned to the CIA from 2003—2007, working on counterterrorism matters. His experience as a special agent brings invaluable expertise to our leadership.

rick mains

VP of Operations

During his 20-year tenure with the FBI, Mains served as a Special Agent and executive leader. Along with serving as Assistant Special Agent in Charge of one of the FBI’s top 15 U.S.-based field offices, he was a certified SWAT operator, SWAT team leader, tactical instructor, legal advisor, defensive tactics instructor, and protective detail agent. In addition, he was an original member of the FBI Director’s protective detail and conducted protective operations in more than 30 countries.



With over 30 years of law enforcement experience, Britton spent ten years in local law enforcement and 20 years with the FBI as a Special Agent. Britton’s last assignment with the FBI was as a Senior SWAT team leader, primary firearms instructor, primary tactical instructor, primary defensive tactics instructor, active shooter instructor, and civilian response to active shooter events instructor. As the Senior SWAT team leader, Britton was responsible for several high-level government officials’ protective details, domestically and overseas, in addition to day-to-day operations and training. He also gained vast experience in both special event security planning and threat assessment.



Before retiring after 20+ years of service with the FBI, Mike served the organization as a certified SWAT operator, firearms instructor, SWAT medic (EMT-1), tactical instructor, and SWAT assistant team leader. His extensive international experience includes deployment to nonpermissive environments to support joint FBI and Department of Defense counterterrorism initiatives. He also conducted protective detail operations for numerous high-profile government officials, including the FBI director and U.S. attorney general.



Currently retired from the FBI after 22 years of service as a Special Agent, Kobayashi was a certified SWAT operator and conducted protective operations in over 20 countries. He served as a member of the FBI Director’s protective detail and created the organization’s first countersurveillance and protective intelligence program, protecting three FBI Directors, four Attorneys General and numerous dignitaries. He was the primary tactical and driving instructor for both the FBI and Attorney General details from 2001 to 2015 and has served as the primary personal security detail instructor for the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team since 2004.



Having served seven years in the U.S. Marine Corps as an Infantry Officer and 22 years with the FBI, Humphrey was a certified SWAT operator, firearms instructor, tactical instructor, and an operator on the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Team for seven years. His experience includes international deployments to nonpermissive environments in support of FBI and Department of Defense counterterrorism initiatives, as well as being a founding member of the FBI Director’s protective detail. Most recently, he was selected as the Assistant Section Chief of the Tactical Section within the FBI’s Critical Incident Response Group where he served as the Deputy Commander of the Hostage Rescue Team.



After serving as an FBI special agent and executive leader, Rob’s most recent role was the director of the Hostage Recovery Fusion Cell. This U.S. government interagency team team is responsible for coordinating recovery efforts for U.S. hostages held abroad and reports directly to the president. for U.S. hostages held abroad. He also served as assistant special agent in charge of one of the FBI’s top 13 U.S. based field offices, was an FBI SWAT commander and team member, and was one of the original members of the FBI director’s protective detail.

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